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If you have a knotty tax problem, our tax lawyers can help.

Our tax advice and consultancy services

  • Advice on tax problems and issues
  • Assessment of tax risks, and strategies to optimise them,
  • Specialist VAT advice
  • Presentation of transactions or issues to HMRC, and
  • Tax efficient structuring of arrangements

Our experience: expert tax advisers

Our team of tax advisers has gained its expertise by dealing with a broad spectrum of tax scenarios in business:

  • Advising a major investment bank on the availability of the VAT exemption for intermediary services and other related issues, in a series of twelve different complex business scenarios. Writing a detailed report on the relevant legal principles underlying the advice and the possible future direction of the law
  • Advising a large outsourcing company on the VAT treatment of cross-border recharges from its parent company, leading to a sizeable VAT saving
  • Advising on the structuring of an investment into Polish and German real estate, through a Luxembourg fund structure
  • Advising on the form of a European debt fund
  • Advising on the restructuring of an insolvent group so as to maximise use of available tax losses